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Ramen with Tofu

After binge watching Bon Appétit's "Gourme Makes", I was inspired by the Instant Ramen episode to make some ramen again.

Marinated Tofu

Instead of a pork belly I opted for some fried tofu, which I marinated to make it taste more meaty. I cut it 5mm slices and let it sit in a box covered with the marinade for a couple of hours, but it's going to be way better after a night in the fridge. Then I coated it in egg and breadcrumbs and deep fried it.


I tried to improve on the previous recipe for the noodles so I set out to make the dough drier. Also they were a bit grainy last time so I changed the flour. Apparently German 830 would work best, so I mixed 1050 and 405.

It was a major pain in the ass to knead the dough, it just did absolutely not come together. Too dry. First I added water with a sprayer, but it wasn't nearly enough. I don't know how much I ended up adding, but next time I should start with 90g I guess. 30min rest.

The texture was amazing, very springy and chewy, yet still a bit grainy. I shall buy real 830 or some whiter high gluten flour next time, if I can track some down.

I cooked them in bowling water for 30s, which was perfect, as they continue to boil in the broth.

Miso Tare and vegetable stock were not that nice as a broth. I need to use more than 3 tablespoons of tare, otherwise the miso won't come through.

All in all a real pain to make, but I am improving. It was really good in the end, just the process needs to be simplified.


Due to some involvement in General Relativity, I recently got fascinated by holes and their study. So here is a compilation of random facts and publications in connection with holes.

Gin (2)

Today we "mazerated" again and made some Gin. This time we used pure 90% ethanol from the drug store instead of cheap vodka as a base. We also used the big water pump with integrated cooling, which is apperntly not strong enough. And we set our flask straight on top, no water bath. That was genius. Should've done that from the beginning.

Using the pure ethanol sped up the process immensely as did the direct approach. So we made two badges with following ingredients:

It took the three of us, all Bachelors of Science, a good 15min to figure out the concentration equation for the amount of water to add for propper deluting.

[ \Delta m{\mathrm{Water}} = \big(\frac{\etaA}{\etaB} -1\right) \cdot m{A,\mathrm{Water+Eth}}, ]

Where (\Delta m{\mathrm{Water}}) is the mass of Water to add to the original high percentage mixture of mass (m{A,\mathrm{Water+Eth}}). (\eta{A(B)}) is the concentration _by mass of ethanol in water in the original (desired) liqueur. Because of volume contraction, you need to look the translation between alcohol by volume and by mass up in a table.

We used "Johannesbrunnen" bottled water from Norma for dilution.

Waldschrat Gin

We discarded the head and kept the tail. In the end we had 336g at 90% alc. by vol. which we deluted with 596g of water to yield around 1l of fine gin at 37.4% alc. by vol.

It is quite tangy in taste and we should dial down the juniper the next time. Not sure how to mix this yet.

Koala Gin

We kept both the head and the tail, the tail was very fine in smell. We gained 144g of 90% mixture so we added 262g of water to yield around 450ml of fine gin at 37.4% alc. by vol.

This one is really nice and flowery, but we overshot a bit with the lavender. This definitely goes into a gin and tonic.


I wanted to use the new pasta machine that was given to me for Christmas since I had broken my previous one. This one makes a very solid impression and I think I won't break it as easily. Since I had been slurping table spoons full of raw soy sauce the last couple of days, I knew I had to make ramen.

I basically followed the videos inf the Instant Ramen Addiction Series by Alex French Guy Cooking. I made the Miso Tare and the Black Garlic Oil basically streight from this recipe. But I didn't get dried anchovies so I had to use some in oil. I have a lot of that stuff now and it tastes really good.

Turning to the other main YouTube inspiration, I marinated soft boiled eggs like in Tonkotsu Ramen | Basics with Babish. I'm not entirely sure if it's really worth it, but it tasted good! I kept the marinade and am gonna to it again soon.

I read up on the ramen notes I took from San Francisco but opted for the french guy cooking ratio

As the drug store would not sell sodium carbonate to me because it's "too dangerous", I had to crack lab it myself from baking soda (german Natron). Bake it at 7 (250°C) for around an hour. This evaporates the water in the sodium bicarbonate and turns it into carbonate. I put 50g into the oven and got 31g out, sounds like a decent yield to me. Testing with pH strips I got a pH value between 10 and 11 for my lye water.

The dough was very soft, I guess a bit too much water, I mixed and kneaded, then folded a couple of times with the pasta machine. It works like a charm btw. Let it rest for 30min and then folded it a good amount of times with the pasta machine nad let it rest for another 30min. Not sure it this is really necessary, but in the end the dough was smooth. Brought it down to setting 6, but I guess 4 or 5 would've been a bit nicer even.

You really have to watch out not to overcook them. 2min was too long, 1:15 as well. I guess 1:30 would be perfect for noodles on setting 4.

In the end I reused the beef broth from the french onion soup we had made for the Christmas dinner, topped it up with a table spoon of garlic oil and 4cl of miso tare. As sides I had the split open marinated soft boiled egg, a slice of nori, two slices of left over Christmas turkey, thinly sliced greens from spring onions and I also threw in some pickeled ginger, cause I love that shit.

All in all I think I got around 4 bowls of ramen out of this and it was really good. But compared to other ramen I've had before, there is a long way to go.

Druff Bread with Parsley

We brewed again, so I baked again. I wanted to tweak the previous druff bread recipe a bit, so I added fresh parsley. I also sautéd the onions way shorter and without sugar. Also: RYE flour, full grain even!Since we did a stronly hopped beer, I wanted it to be accompanied by a strongly hopped bread. Würzburger Hofbräu was the closest I could get at 7:30 at the local supermarket.

  1. Chop parsley and dice oninos. Sauté onions briefly until fragnant.
  2. Combine all ingredients and mix with hand mixer and dough hooks.
  3. Let rise for over 2:00 hours
  4. Flip into a fatted baking dish. Briefly let rise wile you preheat the oven to 6. Cut to allow for expansion. Sprinkle some rye flower on top
  5. Bake in steam for 40min

I had difficulties getting the dough to rise at room temperature in winter. I let it sit on the heater, but it wasn't warm enough I guess. I moved it to the oven hot from my casserole eventually. Then I kind of forgot about it and let it rise for what was maybe too long. Put it into a tray so that it would keep the shape better than last time. Kastenbrot. I fatted the dish to hopefully prevent sticking. Unfortunatley I realized the dough had not fully mixed and there was some raw flour still :( I just seem to have a bad hand at baking. It came out risen and soft, but I think it could've risen more in the oven if I didn't let it sit for too long.