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I wanted to use the new pasta machine that was given to me for Christmas since I had broken my previous one. This one makes a very solid impression and I think I won't break it as easily. Since I had been slurping table spoons full of raw soy sauce the last couple of days, I knew I had to make ramen.

I basically followed the videos inf the Instant Ramen Addiction Series by Alex French Guy Cooking. I made the Miso Tare and the Black Garlic Oil basically streight from this recipe. But I didn't get dried anchovies so I had to use some in oil. I have a lot of that stuff now and it tastes really good.

Turning to the other main YouTube inspiration, I marinated soft boiled eggs like in Tonkotsu Ramen | Basics with Babish. I'm not entirely sure if it's really worth it, but it tasted good! I kept the marinade and am gonna to it again soon.

I read up on the ramen notes I took from San Francisco but opted for the french guy cooking ratio

As the drug store would not sell sodium carbonate to me because it's "too dangerous", I had to crack lab it myself from baking soda (german Natron). Bake it at 7 (250°C) for around an hour. This evaporates the water in the sodium bicarbonate and turns it into carbonate. I put 50g into the oven and got 31g out, sounds like a decent yield to me. Testing with pH strips I got a pH value between 10 and 11 for my lye water.

The dough was very soft, I guess a bit too much water, I mixed and kneaded, then folded a couple of times with the pasta machine. It works like a charm btw. Let it rest for 30min and then folded it a good amount of times with the pasta machine nad let it rest for another 30min. Not sure it this is really necessary, but in the end the dough was smooth. Brought it down to setting 6, but I guess 4 or 5 would've been a bit nicer even.

You really have to watch out not to overcook them. 2min was too long, 1:15 as well. I guess 1:30 would be perfect for noodles on setting 4.

In the end I reused the beef broth from the french onion soup we had made for the Christmas dinner, topped it up with a table spoon of garlic oil and 4cl of miso tare. As sides I had the split open marinated soft boiled egg, a slice of nori, two slices of left over Christmas turkey, thinly sliced greens from spring onions and I also threw in some pickeled ginger, cause I love that shit.

All in all I think I got around 4 bowls of ramen out of this and it was really good. But compared to other ramen I've had before, there is a long way to go.