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Gin (2)

Today we "mazerated" again and made some Gin. This time we used pure 90% ethanol from the drug store instead of cheap vodka as a base. We also used the big water pump with integrated cooling, which is apperntly not strong enough. And we set our flask straight on top, no water bath. That was genius. Should've done that from the beginning.

Using the pure ethanol sped up the process immensely as did the direct approach. So we made two badges with following ingredients:

It took the three of us, all Bachelors of Science, a good 15min to figure out the concentration equation for the amount of water to add for propper deluting.

[ \Delta m{\mathrm{Water}} = \big(\frac{\etaA}{\etaB} -1\right) \cdot m{A,\mathrm{Water+Eth}}, ]

Where (\Delta m{\mathrm{Water}}) is the mass of Water to add to the original high percentage mixture of mass (m{A,\mathrm{Water+Eth}}). (\eta{A(B)}) is the concentration _by mass of ethanol in water in the original (desired) liqueur. Because of volume contraction, you need to look the translation between alcohol by volume and by mass up in a table.

We used "Johannesbrunnen" bottled water from Norma for dilution.

Waldschrat Gin

We discarded the head and kept the tail. In the end we had 336g at 90% alc. by vol. which we deluted with 596g of water to yield around 1l of fine gin at 37.4% alc. by vol.

It is quite tangy in taste and we should dial down the juniper the next time. Not sure how to mix this yet.

Koala Gin

We kept both the head and the tail, the tail was very fine in smell. We gained 144g of 90% mixture so we added 262g of water to yield around 450ml of fine gin at 37.4% alc. by vol.

This one is really nice and flowery, but we overshot a bit with the lavender. This definitely goes into a gin and tonic.