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# Red Cabbage Kimchi

After my last failed attempt at Kimchi (following Brad Leone) and in discussion with a Korean friend of mine, I realized that one needs to discard the salty water used to demoisturize the cabbage instead of using it as a brine. Since I had some left over red cabbage (shredded in the fridge for a week, maybe even helps fermentation?) that I didn't really know what to do with (one cabbage is a lot of cabbage), I thought: it's still cabbage, right? Why not make Kimchi?

Following this recipe courtesy of Olive Magazine:

Red Cabbage Kimchi

  1. Add salt to cabbage and massage it in, breaking the cell walls and squeezing out water. Let sit for 2h, massaging from time to time.
  2. Rinse well under cold water and squeeze moisture out. Discard salty cabbage water[^1].
  1. Combine all ingredients with the rinsed cabbage and mix well.
  2. Fill into mason jar and make sure its submerged in the water to keep the fermentation anaerobic.
  3. Let ferment for up to 7 days, to taste

Usually one would use gochuraru, a Korean chili powder, but since I have a range of home grown chilies on my balcony, I just went with arguably a pretty random amount and mix of these. We'll see how this turns out in terms of heat and aroma :D

[^1]: Did you know cabbage water can be used as an indicator for pH? Being neutrally violet, it will turn red in acidic and green in basic solution. I tried that with vinegar and sodium carbonate (from the ramen making)